The showcased collection provides a unique and colourful look at the resilience of those seeking refuge and those who provide it. The majority of works were created during a four-month street art project splattering vibrant messages of peace, hope and coexistence throughout Syrian refugee camps as well as Jordanian Host communities. For refugee and host communities alike the art creates ownership of shared spaces while infusing colour into the stark landscape. The pieces resonate with the resilience of children as they overcome adversity and make progress towards a peaceful future. Youth culture has always been rooted in free expression. To empower children and give them a platform for expression, 2,000 Syrian and Jordanian youth were gathered across the governorates of Irbid, Mafraq, Ajloun and Jerash as well as Zaatari and Cyber City refugee camps. They painted the walls of their community with messages of happiness, hope and coexistence.

The voice of the next generation is one of hope, not defined by violence and war, but rather by peace and human dignity.

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photos by Samantha Robison & Falk Lehmann


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